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Smartschool Junior: Your child's second home

This is the first time your child will be stepping out of home and shadow of your doting care. So it’s very important to ensure that he feels at home in what will be his first-outside the-home environ- ment SmartSchool Junior, we’ve taken special Cear to provide an environment that is stimulating and help in your child’s overall growth. Emphasis Has also been laid on the comfort of the children, which reflects clearly in the following features

• Colourful fun rooms.

• Interactive teaching aids. • Colourful books.

• Audio Video content for better learning. • Concept rooms for hands on learning.

• Outdoor activities on regular basis.

Besides, every “SmartSchool Junior experiences the love and warmth of well-trained teachers and minders who firmly believe that every child is spe- cial, and strive to accommodate each one of them in their new environment.

All in all, we offer your child a completely safe & secure environment that promotes inde- pendence, meaningful play, social interaction and more importantly a love for learning- that sets the course for his lifetime of learning.

Why Your Child Deserves The Best?

SmartSchool Junior is undoubtedly the most advanced preschool in the coun- try. Developed by experts, through years of research in child psychology, the SmartSchool junior concept aims at amalgamating technology and early age education to provide a never before learning experience to the budding minds.

SmartSchool Junior is firmly cemented on five important pillars

Our Ambience

Our Curriculum

What Makes Us The Best

Concept rooms

Our unique concept of “role play” and “concept rooms”, keeps us far ahead of our competitors. We have following concept rooms, that emphasis on various learning aspects of a child AV room

Digital content with books

We are the only preschool in the country, with high definition digital content for the preschools The digital content uses the five sensory features of the child to impart better learning in them.

With inhouse publication, the books are aligned with the digital content, thereby making the learning process more interesting and fun.

Complete child care

SmartSchool Junior believes in providing the best care, your child truly deserves. Each aspect of child’s care is carefully monitored to provide them with comfort and ease. Below are some of the ac- tivites done to achieve this goal :-

Our Teaching Methodology

✓  Personalized teaching for every child.

✓ Teaching using interactive aides.

✓ Teaching using audio visual aides.

✓ Story based learning.

✓ Montessori learning.

Our Teaching Aids

✓ Worldclass digital content for better learning.

✓ Montessori tools for hands on learning.

✓  Teaching aids based on role plays.

✓  Colourful books mapped to teaching aids.

Our Innovative Learning Ideas

✓  Mobile App based learning.

✓ Concept rooms for hands on learning.

✓ Theme based days per week.

✓ Extensive games based learning.

✓ Frequent outdoor excursions.

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